• Aspire (Stafford) Limited

    Aspire (Stafford) Limited

    focused on an inclusive society

  • Aspire (Stafford) Limited

    Aspire (Stafford) Limited

    focused on an inclusive society

  • Aspire (Stafford) Limited

    Aspire (Stafford) Limited

    focused on an inclusive society

  • Aspire (Stafford) Limited

    Aspire (Stafford) Limited

    focused on an inclusive society

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IntroductionAspire (Stafford) Limited

Aspire Stafford Limited providing a service that’s as individual as our clients.

What makes us different?

  • We offer daytime and evening activities as individual as the clients we work with
  • We don’t offer courses, we provide bespoke, individual, personalised training programmes
  • We spend time finding out what interests our clients and then build an Individual Learning Plan around these interests
  • No two clients follow the same programme
  • We teach a vast variety of skills
  • When teaching these skills we use visiting tutors who actually are Farmers, Artists, Photographers, Literacy Tutors, Hairdressers and Beauty Therapists
  • We provide facilities which allow our clients to develop independent living, from making a bed to cooking a three course meal
  • We support our clients to plan meaningful and relevant trips and outings to places of interest.
    Past trips include the Media City in Manchester as part of The Countdown Audience and the Houses of Parliament!
  • We provide work placements teaming up with organisations that offer progression routes with real jobs most recently The Gatehouse Theatre Stafford
  • All activities are underpinned with the key skills that are essential to move on in life

That's what makes us different!

Activities - More Information



Aspire are very pleased to announce that due to an increased demand we can now offer daytime opportunities 5 days a week, including some evenings. Our new Northfield facility provides modern, safe and easy access in a friendly environment with public transport a two minute walk away and free car parking on site.

We very much encourage independent living and can offer travel training to and from our facility. However, we understand that for some of our clients transport is required. This can be built into  individual plans, allowing people to be picked up and dropped off at a time that suits them.

What we do

  • 1 Farm Therapy
  • 2 Hairdressing
  • 3 Cookery and Kitchen Skills
  • 4 Independent Living
  • 5 Performing Arts
  • 6 ICT Skills
  • 7 Animal Care
  • 8 Healthy Living
  • 9 Team Building
  • 10 Horse Riding
  • 11 Communication Skills
  • 12 Brain Breaks/Social Time
  • 13 Safety Matters
  • 14 Gardening
  • 15 Number Skills
  • 16 Relaxation Therapy
  • 17 Allotment Gardening
  • 18 Soft Furnishings
  • 19 Travel Training
  • 20 Golf Sessions
  • 21 Theatrical Make - Up
  • 22 e.Safety
  • 23 Our World
  • 24 Food Hygiene
  • 25 Trips and Outings
  • 26 Skin and Nail Care
  • 27 Art Therapy
  • 28 Planning Trips
  • 29 Dance
  • 30 Photography
  • 31 Healthy Eating
  • 32 Pottery and Sculpture
  • 33 Handy Crafts
  • 34 PureGym
  • 35 Work Skills
  • 36 Rights and Responsibilities

Friends Reunited

Use the left hand scroll bar to see all our activities, alternatively click here for the activities page.

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Where are we

Our new Northfield facility provides a modern, safe, friendly environment is ideal with Public transport a 2 minute walk away and free on-site parking.

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Latest Projects

  • Llandudno Trip

    Following the success of the London trip we now have a team of clients busily planning a trip to Llandudno. This team will research the activity, work out the cost and plan the itinerary. They will then communicate with other clients, parents and other organisations before the trip takes place. They will be responsible for booking a coach and covering the cost. The outing will be a fun learning experience for all involved

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  • More Sessions

    Due to the increase in demand for our service we are in the process of looking at additional rooms and places to deliver more sessions. We are delivering new activities which include:
Gym sessions at Pure Gym, boxing at Cannock Mixed Martial Arts Gym, cake decorating and flower arranging.

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  • Aspire visit The House of Commons

    Local County Councillor Ian Hollinshead provided the group with funding to plan a trip to London. He also visited the group during the General Election along with other local councillors.Jeremy Lefroy has very kindly arranged a guided tour of Parliament for the entire group. Group members have been preparing themselves by building a model of Parliament and researching the building and its history.

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  • Partnership with Staffordshire University

    Aspire are still working closely with Staffordshire University and have now delivered two training sessions at the Leek Road Campus. We hope to have students visiting us soon as part of their work experience. Our clients thoroughly enjoy working with the students, they share experiences which will help the students work with people with disabilities once they qualify.

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  • Gatehouse Theatre – End of the Pier Show

    Well the Theatre is booked, costumes ordered and team briefed. All we need to do now is practice! The show is planned to take place at The Gatehouse MET Theatre on 12th September at 7.00 pm.

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Our Partners

We partner with several organisations, some of which are below

Dove Service - counselling and support
Staffordshire University - open your mind
Stafford Gatehouse Theatre
The Northfield Centre Stafford
Prince's Trust - inspiring young lives


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