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Safety Matters

Whether you are relaxing in your home, at work with your colleagues or out and about in the community it is important to have an understanding of how we keep ourselves safe.

Learn how to be more aware of your surroundings and avoid putting yourself in places that are unsafe.

Understand procedures we follow when contacting the emergency services and help others to remain safe.

Understand safety warning signs in and around the community.

Independent Living

We teach this practical activity in our facility, in the community and in your own home. Cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing along with shopping budgeting and safety in the home are all the skills needed to help you live an independent and safe life.
We work closely with the Independent Futures Team and have worked with clients to completely furnish and decorate their new home. This includes attending housing meetings, supporting people with tenancy agreements, planning décor, choosing, building and fitting home furnishings.
When all of this is done we then support people in their own homes helping them to make friends and use their local community.


Allotment Gardening

Designing, preparing, maintaining and harvesting our allotment. Safe handling of tools and equipment.
Small groups are taught on our own allotment. We grow a wide range of fruit and vegetables from seeds and cuttings.

We also have access to community ground at our allotment site.
Our clients can use this area to garden of an evening and weekends to watch birds in the hide or just relax and enjoy the surroundings.
Annually we are invited to BBQ’s in the summer and on Bonfire night.
This allows our clients to become part of a gardening group and a wider friendship group.



Creating borders in the community and planting perennials, bedding plants and bulbs. Watching our plants grow and maintaining borders.

Taking part in community projects such as ‘Best Kept Village’ and growing plants from cuttings and seeds. Visiting nurseries and garden centres to purchase gardening items.

Using new skills to develop enterprise activities by growing plants from seed and planting into tubs and baskets for re-sale.
Learning about indoor plants and how to look after them.
Taking cuttings from a variety of indoor plants and watching them grow into plants for the home.


Travel Wise

We use public transport to get about your community and the wider community.

Understand signs and information notices. Read timetables and use the internet to plan your journey. Confidently travel using different types of public transport.

Once you have gained these skills research other methods of transport and plan trips using these new methods.
When you are fully trained and feeling confident buddy up with others helping them to access their wider community.


Skin and Nail Care

Hair and nail care for men and woman. Learn how to correctly care for your skin and hair.

Select products that are suitable for you, then use correctly. Apply day, evening, theatrical and special occasion make up.
Learn about different techniques to remove unwanted hair such as: shaving, waxing, plucking and epilation and discover where these services are available. Care for nails and feet and paint nails with a variety of colours.

Once you have developed these new skills use them as part of your homecare routine.



Work Skills

Investigating different work places and find out about different job roles. Discover skills and qualities needed in the workplace.

We use real work providers and try to ensure that all work placement routes lead to paid employment. Aspire has recently employed one of our own clients as an assistant support.

Learn how to fully prepare for the world of work. Investigate different work options and find out about job roles within these options. Prepare a CV that will be used as part of the job application, complete application forms and learn how to do these in writing and electronically. Use different resources in your search for work.
Demonstrate how to dress for an interview. Prepare questions to ask an employer and practice how to answer the questions about yourself.
Take part in role play activities acting out the interview process and gain confidence in the skills needed for a successful interview.


Rights and Responsibilities

Understanding our rights when shopping and in the workplace and responsibilities of employers.

Being assertive if you need to complain and feeling confident. These skills will help you to remain safe when living independently. Aspire recently supported all of our clients in the general elections helping them to make choices and vote.

Following this experience the group contacted Jeremy Lefroy and asked him if he would help them to arrange a visit. He very kindly gave us tickets for the entire group to visit The House of Commons in London.


Healthy Living

Become healthier by understanding how your body works and what can make you unwell.

Take up new hobbies that will keep you fit and healthy. Learn how to relax and properly chill out. Take part in exercise sessions in your local community.

Take part in walks arranged with the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and learn more about nature and wildlife. Plan sponsored events to raise money for an organisation of your choice.
Investigate ways to keep healthy and look at changes that you can make to improve your own fitness levels. Plan your meals considering all the essential nutrients that you need to remain healthy.
Join a gym and take part in activities individually or as part of a group. Walk in places of natural beauty with The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and meet trust leaders who will teach you about wildlife and nature as you walk.


Dance and Moving to Music

Learn new dance moves under the professional instruction of:
Kate Beauchamp – Top Groover! of The Groove Academy

You chose and we deliver from Ballroom Sequence to Zumba! Join in the fun, learn something new and get fit in the process.


Healthy Eating

Using fresh fruit and vegetables from our allotment and from local shops make healthy meals.

Learn about all the essential nutrients our body needs to remain healthy. Plan and cook healthy meals and look at healthy options to junk food.

Develop skills in the kitchen that can be transferred into the home.
Cook meals for your friends and family and learn how to cook and freeze meals to save money.


Food Hygiene

Learn how to prepare, cook and store food safely.

Discover how to work safely when buying, preparing, cooking and storing foods.

Practice safe working techniques in our kitchen and in your home.

Understand why it is important to cook food at the correct temperature and store at the correct temperature.


Cookery and Kitchen Skills

Make healthy meals and bake in our kitchen.

Plan healthy meals and working with a budget buy the items. Using safe techniques prepare food for others and clean away at the end of the activity.

Prepare food for celebrations and create interesting menus.

Look at recipes in magazines, TV cookery programmes and on the internet and reproduce in our kitchen and at home.



Whether you are using a mobile phone or a laptop, tablet or the internet in your local library, we have some easy to follow instructions that will keep you safe when using modern technology.

Before we use any computers at Aspire you will have a safety induction.

This way we can ensure that we have done all we can to keep you safe when using social media.


Soft Furnishings

Have a go at making soft furnishings for your own home or as a gift for some of your friends and family.

Make inexpensive curtains, blinds, cushions, table runners, door stops and draught excluders in fabrics of your choice.

 Using magazines and the internet find items that you would like to make.

Make these items as an enterprise activity to sell in our shop.

Create new interests and look at career options using these new skills!


Theatrical Make-Up

Learn how to apply make-up and create strange effects using professional make up.

Make people look old or create Disney characters using stage make-up. Join our drama group and apply make-up for our performances.

Using all of the images of the different characters you have created build a portfolio of your work to show family, friends and employers.


Animal Care

Learn about your favourite pets and how to care for different animals.

Find out about the Five Welfare Needs you need to know about to keep your pets healthy and happy: Behaviour, Companionship, Diet, Environment, and Health. Visit farms and care for domestic pets.


Pottery and Sculpture

Create stunning pieces of artwork and learn how to express yourself through art. Sessions taught by Stafford Sculptor Steven Eastwood.

Through sheer determination Steve overcame his own disability and now creates the most inspirational work. Come along and learn to express yourself through art.



Use a digital camera and take pictures of subjects that interest you.

Visit football clubs, nature reserves and places of natural beauty to take photographs. Use these pictures to create cards, calendars and montages.


Brain Breaks/Social Time

Develop social and communication skills and learn how to relax by taking up a hobby.

Relaxation therapy through hobbies and interests such as board games, quizzes, listening to music, reminiscing activities, pool, dominoes (5’s and 3’s) and ten pin bowling.


Planning Trips

Organise a trip to a place that interests you.

Use literacy, number, ICT and problem solving skills to plan a trip for the group.


Art Therapy

Using different art mediums learn how to express your feelings.

Working with each person to build a trusting relationship, the art therapist uses a variety of different art materials to help them communicate in a totally new way.


Handy Crafts

Whatever your interest we have the activity for you!

Felt Making, glass painting, needlecrafts, knitting, card making, decoupage, mosaic, flower arranging, soft toy making, jewellery making, decorations for birthday celebrations and Christmas.

Use the internet and visit craft fairs to find items you would like to make. Make items for re-sale as an enterprise activity or inexpensive gifts for your friends and family.

Enjoy chatting to others and relaxing whilst making something quite unique.


Number Skills

All of our activities are underpinned with functional numeracy.

Subtraction, addition, multiplication, measuring, telling the time and money skills are all important life skills and are built into every activity.

Number skills give us the confidence to budget in the home. Plan and pay for trips and help us to get to places on time.

These skills are also used in the home to operate equipment and use technical devices. We teach number skills that are needed to help you feel confident and live life more independently.


Communication Skills

All of our activities are underpinned with functional literacy.

Whatever the activity we focus on all aspects of learning.

Reading, writing, spelling, punctuation, verbal communication skills and non-verbal body language all form part of the overall skill.

We can teach you how to read and write and help you understand body language. We can develop the skills needed to understand how people are feeling.

You will practise through role play and practical activities and then use these skills in our performing arts group.


ICT Skills

Whether you are a pure beginner, intermediate learner or working at a higher level we have the activities for you!

Sending emails, surfing the internet and using social media all help to develop independent living. Alternatively, develop office skills such as Excel, Publisher, Word and PowerPoint if you are following a work route.


Performing Arts

Join our performing arts drama group ‘Curtains Up’ and take part in a performance on stage.

This group meets on a Monday 3.00-5.00pm and costs £4.00 for the session. We plan to perform at The Gatehouse Theatre in early 2016.


Horse Riding

Enjoy riding at a RDA riding class.

We support people who wish to take up horse riding as a hobby currently (June 2015) we visit Ingestre Stables on a Thursday evenings.



Look at different hairstyles and choose one to suit your face shape.

Learn how to use hairdressing products and choose the right ones for you. Visit a hairdressing salon and have your hair styled (20% discount at Northfield Salon)

Put hair into a bun, French pleat or braid. Use rollers, straighteners and a curling wound.

Practise these skills on your own hair, friends and family. Consider a work placement in a hairdressing salon.


Trips and Outings

Working with others decide upon a place to visit with a group of people and put a plan together. Discuss this plan with the group members and set about organising a trip.

Use number budgeting skills to work out costs and communication skills to contact venues researching the information needed.
Solve problems and successfully take part in the trip.

Places visited so far:
Christmas Shopping –Stone
Improving own learning-Trentham Gardens
Improving own learning-Lichfield, Cathedral, Beacon Park and Garrick Theatre
New Experiences – Television audience at Countdown Media City, Manchester
Shopping and Christmas Tree Festival – Cannock Town Centre
Membership of organisation – Trips to Staffordshire Wildlife Trust
Horse Riding Show – Ingestre
Improving Own Learning – House of Commons, London


Relaxation Therapy

Gentle seated exercise moving to music in a seated position.

Relax using balls, parachute and hoops. Gentle stretching and movements to improve coordination. Relaxation through visualisation using music and scents. This activity is ideal for those who find difficulty in verbal expression.


Team Building

Problem solving and developing communication skills using role play and real life situations.

Gaining and developing the skills needed to move on in life and express an opinion when making choices. Using real life situations group and individual activities are set to improve self-esteem and confidence.

Using these newly acquired skills, plan team activities, book visiting speakers and theatre tickets and plan days out.

Evaluate your own progress and help others in your group to develop these skills.


Farm Therapy

Upper Moreton Farm is a 100 acre beef and sheep farm in the countryside of Wolseley Bridge, Staffordshire, approximately two miles from Cannock Chase. It has been in the Carney family ownership for over fifty years.

As the name suggests the farm is on the top of a gently sloping valley, the landscape includes old and modern grasslands, small copses, several wildlife ponds, fishing pools and well established broad-leaved trees namely ash and oak.

The farm offers a wide range of services from Day Farming opportunities for individuals to Structured courses and Educational Access opportunities for school groups.

Aspire are very pleased to be delivering programmes in partnership with Upper Moreton Farm and offer weekly visits to develop animal care skills and career routes or farm therapy as a means to become more active and enjoy the outdoors.


Our World

Discover different countries and feed this information back to the group as a PowerPoint slide show.

Develop confidence and communication skills. Look at different cultures and try new foods. Build a display showing countries where group members have travelled.

Share with group members photographs of places you have visited, reminisce about places others have visited. Discuss culture, currency and climate.

Arrange World Awareness Days celebrating different cultures and invite visiting speakers from different cultures.


Golfing Sessions

We have been very fortunate to be invited to Stone Driving Range by PGA AA Professional Chris Long. The group take part in fun, friendly and semi-structured coaching sessions in a relaxed environment.

Groups of six people learn new skills and try their hand at a professional driving range.

Check out the video here


PureGym Stafford

Small groups are supported to access this new gym which is within walking distance of Northfield. Individuals are taught how to safely use exercise equipment and record their own progress. Individuals set themselves personal targets in a supported environment.

The gym manager Mark Comerie regular meets with our group and ensures their needs are being addressed, from offering wristband access to exercise programmes. The group thoroughly enjoy these visits and have started to access the gym in their own time with family members or Personal Assistants.

What Our Clients Say

  • Dr Joanna Saddington - Consultant Clinical Psychologist - DNLD West

    The Psychology service became involved with Aspire both through academic and clinical work. The work of staff in Aspire is a great example of how work with adults with a learning disability should be done! The staff work to empower, encourage, enhance the lives of people with a learning disability. The end result of this work are adult who are living fulfilled lives.

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